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Christine Masi-Layden Fine Art & Illustration

I find the most unique botanical forms when I garden. which in turn inspire me to paint. Sometimes I combine these natural forms with other imagery I have photographed to create new environments. Most often, it is the colors I see in these forms that I aspire to accentuate and enhance my painted subjects.

Undergrowth, 2021
Untitled 2020
Spanish Roses, 2020
Coffea, 2019
La Sagrada, August 2019
Flex, 2019
Guardians of Firenze, 2018
Collateral Damage, 2.18
Le Forchette, 2017
Verde, 2016
Manequin Montage, 2016
Ghost Fish, 2017
Skeletal Colors, 2014 SOLD

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All rights reserved.

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